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Your Questions Answered Here

  1. How much is the deposit and when is the balance due?

    There is a split deposit with $100.00 going towards the bill and an additional $100.00 cleaning / damages deposit for a total of $200.00 with the balance due 14 days prior to the event. If this is last minute or you are collecting from the others joining you on the bus, the balance must be paid in cash when the driver picks you up.

  2. How can we pay our deposit?

    When you get your contract in your email, just print out a copy and sign it. Then send the signed contract in the mail with a check or money order by the time stated on the contract. We do not accept credit cards or other electronic payments at this time except for tickets purchased on our bus tickets page where we use PayPal.

  3. When is the balance due and how do we pay?

    The balance is due no later than 14 days before the event and can be paid by check or cash. If it is less than 14 days till your event, the balance is due in CASH ONLY and is to be paid to the driver at the beginning of the event. We do not accept credit cards at this time except for tickets purchased on our bus tickets page where we use PayPal.

  4. Are there any other charges like taxes or gratuity?

    When you hire one of our Party Buses for a private event, there is no sales tax, however you should tip the driver 20% as per industry standards.

  5. What is the cancellation Policy? Should the contract holder cancel the agreement within 90 days of date of event as set forth above, any and all monies paid to Y DRIVE LIMOUSINE SERVICE LLC, shall be retained as liquidated damages. In addition, should the contract holder cancel the agreement within 30 days of the date of event, 50% of the balance due shall be paid as damages.

  6. How do you measure the time? Does it include the driver's time to and from picking us up, or does it start when we get on the bus? The times are as stated on the contract. Let's say you have a six hour package from 8:00 pm - 2:00 am. The bus will arrive usually a few minutes early but your charges start at the scheduled time of 8:00 pm. At the end of the event you must leave the last stop early enough to be done and off the bus by that scheduled time or you will have to pay overtime charges as stated on the contract. 

  7. Can we split up the times for our Party Bus? There are minimum consecutive hours required depending upon the vehicle and location of service. As an example; wedding shuttle service from 3:00 - 6:00 pm, then return trips 10:00 - 1:00 am, you will have to meet the minimum consecutive BOTH times as we now have additional empty traveling times and even if you only need one or two hours you must pay for the minimum of three each time as the vehicle is not available for other bookings. Bachelor / Bachelorette parties or pub crawls in the evening, the bus will stay with you all night keeping your coolers and personal effects safe on the bus while you are partying around town so you will not be able to split the times. 

  8. Can we bring our own alcohol or food on the party buses? Of course you can, that is what we are all about, keeping you safe while you party. 

  9. Is there a way to play mp3's on the buses? All of our buses have Bluetooth in the sound systems! 

  10. Do we have to have a schedule for wedding guest shuttles or can the bus just come and go as needed? A shuttle schedule is not only a good idea it is really the best way to keep your guests from standing around wondering where the bus is. Without a schedule, if they were to walk outside 2 minutes after the bus left, depending upon the round trip time they could be waiting for a very long time. That situation is avoided by knowing when the bus is departing. 

  11. Do the buses have air conditioning? At this time all party buses and the limo bus have air conditioning, however neither of the tailgate buses do as they are converted school buses. 

  12. Can we smoke on the party buses? As you are probably aware, Wisconsin is smoke free, and since the majority of our runs are less than 30 minutes at a time it should not be a problem. For the longer trips such as Brewers, Bucks or Packers games, we make pit stops for both the bathroom and smokers breaks. 

  13. I bought tickets to one of your events, do they come in the mail? As it states on the tickets page: You will NOT receive tickets in the mail, your receipt after your purchase is your ticket and the drivers will have a check list with your name. Have ID ready when boarding Bus. 

  14. When at concerts & tailgate events, can we leave our things on the bus? Yes you can and if the driver leaves they close up the bus. Just remember, even though for the most part our buses are safe, there is always the chance a thief will get in just like in your own vehicle and Y Drive is not responsible if that happens. 

  15. Are there chairs for tailgating The seats on the buses do not come out so if you want a chair for in the parking lot you should bring a folding chair. If the weather is inclement, you can sit and eat in the bus during the tailgating part of the event. 

  16. At Tailgate events, can we go back on a different bus? Unless there is a mechanical break down, the bus you arrived on is the bus you leave on as the driver has your name on his check list. If you make other arrangements back, please let the driver know so they are not waiting for you after the event. Please remember, 30 minutes after the last song at Alpine or last out at Miller Park and we leave. If we wait longer than that it will take two hours to get out of the parking lot, so be prompt for a great end to your event. 

  17. Do you have any other services available on your buses? As a matter of fact we do. We have wedding and birthday party packages where we can decorate the bus for the occasion, bring a professional DJ & Karaoke service, Photographers, Wedding Officiants, food & cake. We make the whole party easy.

  18. Are there bathrooms on the buses?

    We have chosen to not install bathrooms on our party buses to save room and extra expenses that we would have to pass on to our customers. The majority of our runs are less than 30 minutes at a time and each destination has a bathroom. For the longer trips such as Brewers, Bucks or Packers games, we make pit stops for both the bathroom and smokers breaks.

  19. Can we decorate the bus?

    If time allows, the bus is available and you are close to our facility, you can make arrangements to decorate the bus or you can use part of your contracted time at your location as long as your décor does not interfere with the drivers view for safety reasons and that you do not cause any damage to the vehicle.

  20. Can you hold a date?

    Depending upon the time of year and how far in advance you are booking, we can give you 24 - 72 hours to decide. Once you request a contract you will have two weeks maximum to return the contract with the deposit in order to book your bus. It is imperative to contact Y Drive if you are decide to cancel the contract ASAP as we are holding a vehicle for you once this contract is created. If you fail to notify us of your cancellation you will be charged a 50% improper termination fee.

If you have any other questions please send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP

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