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Vacation Club

Join our vacation club and let us help you save for your vacation. We will be planning quarterly group vacation packages to an assortment of great locations including cruises. When you join our vacation club with a $100.00 (FDIC insured) opening deposit, you will be part of our group ticket purchasing which will give us better prices, perks and service.You will be required to make additional deposits monthly or make it easier with smaller weekly or bi-weekly deposits into your vacation account. All deposits including the original $100.00 deposit remains YOUR money, there is no fee unless you cancel (see rules). Members always get advance notice of, and registration for upcoming trips. Call today to be part of the fun!


Y Drive Vacation Club Members Perks

 * Round trip transportation to and from the airport with the group in one of our party buses from a location near your home!

*  Complimentary beverage on the party bus

* 1 week members only advance registration for any group trip

*  Members only party

*  5% discount on Y Drive Limousine Service Party Bus Rentals


Become a member

Membership Rules

Accounts must be started with a minimum of $100.00 per person and a minimum of $50.00 per person must be deposited monthly. The more you deposit per month, the faster you save enough for one of our group trips. You need to go on at least one trip within three years, there is no maximum trip restriction. There is a 20% membership cancellation fee if no trips are taken.