Party People! Party People! Tyler Roesner @ The Boar's Nest Tyler Roesner on his birthday. 203968467 Tyler Roesner's Birthday Party We stopped at the Boar's Next on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with Tyler and his friends and family in the #5 Party Bus 203968468 Cardiel Bachelorette Party Going to the Sugar Shack in Lake Geneva 199711691 Carol 1 Carol gets a special lift! 40830969 Birthday Party just starting out Everyone is happy with their beer and shots on the party bus going to JD's Comedy Cafe in Milwaukee for the Birthday Party. 76114512 Carol 2 The girls are all ready to make Carol's bachelorette party rock! 40830968 Birthday Party a little later Getting a little wild as we get closer to Milwaukee, the guys want to go to Silk Exotica 76114513 Romance on the Party Bus Not everyone needs to go to Silk Exotica when romance is in the Party Bus! 76114514 Ashley Kwapil & The Bachelorette Party At The Sugar Shack in Lake Geneva WI 195864839 Two Kelsey's Kelsey and her vertically challenged twin getting ready to party on the Tailgate Bus! 152518547 Lisa's Birthday Party Just starting and ready to party! 32159138 Rob Smelcer Bachelor Party May 20, 2011 Rob Smelcer and the boys are in East Troy for dinner before going to Milwaukee 126772590 The Claus Family In the NEW Tailgate Bus driving around Rockford Illinois spreading cheer while being safe. 111272912 The New Tailgate Bus Seats 40 in 10 booths 111272909 The Whole Claus Family Pit stop in the bar while we pub crawl around Rockford in the Tailgate Bus from Y Drive. 111272910 Elves Too Yes Virginia, there were even Elves on the Party Bus! 111272911 Cool Yule Even at night the cool Santa's wear shades! 111272913 The Clauses 2011 Another year with the Clauses on the NEW T3 Bus! 147631838 Clauses 2011 There is much more room in the new T3 Tailgate bus 147631839 Rockin' Clauses They sure know how to party 147631840 Buddy Elf Buddy Elf learned from BD, two is better than one! 147631841